Executive Director & Director of Programs
Frank Hentschker

Director of Publications
Marvin Carlson

Administrative Producer
Yu Chien Liu

Associate Director of Development & Technical Director
Head of Graphic Design & Video Editing
Michael LoCicero

Segal Center Associate
Brad Burgess

Next Generation Fellow
Salma S. Zohdi

Management Intern
Paloma Estevez

Publication Intern
September McCarthy

Director of Digital Initiatives
Alex Weiss-Hills


Martin E. Segal † (1916-2012)

Daniel Gerould † (1928-2012)


JADT Staff
Naomi J. Stubbs, Co-Editor
James Wilson, Co-Editor
David Savran, Advisory Editor
Jessica Adam, Managing Editor
Kirara Sato, Assistant Managing Editor

ES Staff
Marvin Carlson, Co-Editor
Krystyna Illakowicz, Co-Editor
Dominika Laster, Co-Editor
Taylor Culbert, Managing Editor
Nicolas Benacerraf, Assistant Managing Editor

AS Staff
Marvin Carlson, Editor
Ruijiao Dong, Managing Editor
Alexandra Viteri Arturo, Assistant Managing Editor



Former Visiting Scholars


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