Avi Mograbi: Between Fences

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Avi Mograbi: Between Fences

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March 2, 2018

Photo courtesy of Les Films D’Ici, Avi Mograbi Films

Friday 2| 6:30pm | Elebash Recital Hall

France/Israel | 2016 | 84 minutes | directed by Avi Mograbi
Arabic, Hebrew, English
With English Subtitles

Avi Mograbi and Chen Alon meet African asylum-seekers in a detention facility in the middle of the Negev desert where they are con ned by the state of Israel. Together, they question the status of the refugees in Israel using ‘Theater of the Opressed’ techniques. What leads men and women to leave everything behind and go towards the unknown? Why does Israel, land of the refugees, refuse to take into consideration the situation of the exiled, thrown onto the roads by war, genocide and persecution? Can the Israelis working with the asylum seekers put themselves in the refugee’s shoes? Can their collective unconscious be conjured up?

*  The screening will be followed by a discussion with Dan Sotsky. Currently a student at Columbia Law School, Sotsky lived in Tel Aviv from 2013-2015 and worked with the refugee and asylum seeker community there during that time.


Photo: Avi Mograbi Films

Filmmaker and video artist Avi Mograbi was born in 1956 in Tel Aviv, where he lives and works to this day. Mograbi, one of Israel’s most distinguished filmmakers, is known for his unwavering commitment to social, cultural and political justice in the Middle East, as well as his experimentalism and innovative contribution to cinematic language. As an engaged filmmaker, he is actively involved in “Breaking the Silence”, an organization dedicated to collecting the testimonies of Israeli soldiers who served in the occupied Palestinian territories. Since 1999, he has taught documentary and experimental film at Tel Aviv University and the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Avi Mograbi’s documentary films have been programmed by festivals worldwide, including Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Rome, New York, FID Marseille, Vision du Reel and San Francisco, among others.

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