Grzegorz Jarzyna: G.E.N.

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Grzegorz Jarzyna: G.E.N.

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March 2, 2018
Elebash Recital Hall

Friday 2 | 2:00pm – 8:00pm | Elebash Lobby

Poland | 2018 | on loop | directed by Grzegorz Jarzyna

5:00pm | Talk-back with director  Grzegorz Jarzyna  | Elebash Lobby

G.E.N is a story about an alternative community whose members contest reality so as to change the system based on fear, manipulation and enslavement of individuals. While attempting to destabilise the system, they destroy their own community. Is it possible to log out from a reality that does not work? The performance is a response to Lars von Trier’s The Idiots (1998) about a group of young people who, by pretending to be mentally disabled, ridicule western social standards. Rather than an attempt to criticise the socio-political system, G.E.N reflects on the human nature because, despite civilizational and evolutionary progress, humans do not develop morally. It is a journey across circles of global systems, social and partner relations, through individual psyches, in search for the elementary particles responsible for violence and hatred. Made in the cadre of XR_TR program (Agata Kołacz, Olga Drygas). The production was made possible by the support of Adam Mickiewicz Institute. Marcin Łunkiewicz of Zielony Pomidor, Producer.

Grzegorz Jarzyna is the artistic director of the TR Warszawa–one of the most innovative and progressive theaters in Europe. Jarzyna has staged classical dramas reinterpreted in a bold and innovative way, adaptations of famous European novels, world-famous contemporary dramas, as well as operas. In June 2008, his Macbeth was staged at St Ann’s Warehouse in New York, where a special stage was built under the Brooklyn Bridge, and in 2012 it opened the Edinburgh Festival. Grzegorz is currently preparing his first piece with Chinese performers, Two Swords is the coproduction between Propel Arts& Media Company, Shanghai Theatre Academy, and TR Warszawa.

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