POSTPONED: Net-Works: Mapping Labor in Theatre and Performance

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POSTPONED: Net-Works: Mapping Labor in Theatre and Performance

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April 23
Segal Theatre and other locations within the CUNY Center for Graduate Studies
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Thursday, April 23
Graduate Center CUNY
All Day Panel Discussions + 7:00pm Keynote
DTSA GC CUNY Student Conference

FREE + Open to public. First come, first served

Theatre and performance constantly negotiate between seen and unseen labor. Certain kinds of labor disappear, both socially and theatrically, while others are put on display. Organized by students of the Ph.D. Program in Theatre and Performance, “Net-Works: Mapping Labor in Theatre and Performance” is a conference that seeks to uncover the collaborative and solitary labor necessitated by creative and performative spaces; the labor of working in a globally connected world; and the labor of working at the intersections of the material, the human, and the ephemeral.

Through panel discussions held throughout the day and an evening keynote speech open to the public, the conference aims to discuss and exchange interrogative approaches to the study of labor along with its visible and invisible networks in theatre and performance.

Opening Remarks by: David Savran.
Keynote by: Shannon Jackson.
Organized by: Taylor Culbert, Ruijiao Dong, Mayurakshi Sen,
and Alex Viteri Arturo.

Net-Works is produced with the support of the Doctoral Theatre Students’ Association (DTSA); The Martin E. Segal Theatre Center; The Ph.D. Program in Theatre and Performance; the Sidney E. Cohn, Vera Mowry Roberts Chair, and the Lucille Lortel Chairs.

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