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Artist Talk: Veit Sprenger (Showcase Beat Le Mot, Germany)

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Sep 18, 2017
Sep 18, 2017
Segal Theatre



Photo courtesy of the artist


Monday, September 18
Segal Theatre 
6:30pm Artist Talk 

FREE + Open to public. First come, first served.

Veit Sprenger has used the anti-method of collective theatre-making with Nikola Duric, Dariusz Kostyra, and Thorsten Eibeler since 1997. Under the title Showcase Beat Le Mot, the group has made live-art performances about pirates (Pirates! [Piraten!], 2003), revolutionaries (Paris 1871 Bonjour Commune, 2010), and totalitarian pigs (Animal Farm, 2014), performances that theatre scholar Matt Cornish describes as “theatrical concerts: loud, messy affairs; glorious, playful chaos.” After a workshop this talk brings Sprenger, Cornish, and Cory Tamler into conversation about Showcase’s projects, the German theatre scene today, and the particularities and peculiarities of making non-hierarchical performance work.

Sprenger will also lead an open lecture-workshop in the morning for Ph.D. students and other participants. This session will give further insight into Showcase’s approach and involves participants in common exercises.




Photo courtesy of the artist

Veit Sprenger (* 1967), director, author and producer, studied music in Hannover, medicine in Frankfurt a.M. and applied theatre science in Gießen. He is founder of the theatre company Showcase Beat Le Mot. Since 1998 he produces theatre pieces, performances, art festivals and music videos with his team on an international scale. He co-curated the festival “artgenda” for young baltic art and was a jury member in numerous contexts such as theatre festivals “unart”, “Impulse” and “Westwind”. He has been teaching in art academies in Berlin, Hamburg, Lübeck, Gießen, Zürich, Köln, Oslo, Stuttgart, and Bern and directing among others at Residenztheater Munich, National Theatre of Macedonia, Hebbel Theater Berlin and Von Krahl Theater Tallinn. Among his numerous writings about contemporary theatre is his book Despoten auf der Bühne – Die Inszenierung von Macht und ihre Abstürze. He is the author of several theatrical adaptions, including his prizewinning version of Animal Farm.


Photo courtesy of the artist

Matt Cornish is assistant professor of theater history at Ohio University. His first book, PERFORMING UNIFICATION: HISTORY AND NATION IN GERMAN THEATER AFTER 1989, will be published by University of Michigan Press at the end of September. He is also editing a collection of contemporary German performance texts, which includes texts by Showcase Beat Le Mot, Gob Squad, Rimini Protokoll, and others, and which will be published in the spring by Seagull Books. Matt held a Fulbright Research Fellowship and a DAAD Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, both at the Freie Universität Berlin. His essays have appeared in, among other journals, Modern Drama, Theatre Journal, Performance Research, PAJ, and TDR, and he contributes to German theater magazine Theater der Zeit. Matt received his Doctor of Fine Arts from Yale School of Drama.



Photo courtesy of the artist

Cory Tamler (moderator) is a doctoral student in the Department of Theatre at The Graduate Center, CUNY. Her research interests include performance and public space, and the politics and ethics of social practice. She also makes collaborative and research-based performance work about place and space, teaches creative writing and performance, and translates from German and Serbo-Croatian into English. She held a Fulbright Research Fellowship at the Freie Universität Berlin.



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