Changing Brooklyn: The Impact of BAM

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Changing Brooklyn: The Impact of BAM

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Nov 4, 2013
Nov 4, 2013
Segal Theatre



An Evening with Harvey Lichtenstein

Join us for an evening with Harvey Lichtenstein, the internationally recognized driving force behind the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Harvey  Lichtenstein has been a leader in the New York arts for 50 years. Beginning with early positions at New York City Ballet and New York City Opera,  Harvey returned to his native Brooklyn in 1967 to begin his tenure at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, setting a new course for the institution and  helping to change the cultural landscape of New York while gaining an international reputation as a champion of all that is new and progressive in the  arts: dance, theatre and music.

Guests include John Lichtenstein and others.

This event is part of the GC Public Program’s initiative “Cultural Capital: The Promise and Price of New York Creative Economy.”

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