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December 9

An Evening with Romina Paula (Argentina)


Romina Paula’s Fauna. Photo by Sebastián Arpesella.

Monday, December 9
Segal Theatre
pm Readings + Artist Talk

FREE + Open to public. First come, first served

Romina Paula is one of Argentina’s most celebrated emerging playwrights, winning critical acclaim both at home and abroad, but to date none of her plays have been translated into English. In her work, she breaks down barriers that have traditionally separated artistic genres, not least theatre and film, and investigates the synergies between documentary and fiction, gender and biography, and love and art.

Paula’s Fauna is a play about the making of a film that will never take place, a film that brings together a daughter, a son, an actor, and a director. Together they will attempt to tell the story of Fauna, a wild but well-read otherworldly being, who over the course of her lifetime transitions to become Fauno. Highly intertextual, reflexive, and subtly ironic, the play explores how to tell the story of one’s life, how to capture what is true and real, and how to decipher where reality ends and fiction begins.

The evening will feature readings from Paula’s translated plays Fauna and The Whole of Time, included in the volume Fauna and Other Plays by Romina Paula, forthcoming with the series In Performance, Seagull Press (2021). Presenters include Jean Graham-Jones, April Sweeney, and Brenda Werth.

Start: Dec 9, 2019
End: Dec 9, 2019
Venue: Segal Theatre
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December 16

Qingqing Yang’s Four Dreams (China)

Monday, December 16
Segal Theatre
6:30pm Performance Painting

FREE + Open to public. First come, first served

Qingqing Yang’s research focuses on creation through dreams. Her work uses the practice of subconscious painting to evoke a dream-like state in which she is uninhibited to explore the relationship between life, death and love. Her creation takes inspiration from the Four Dreams in Linchuan by the Chinese playwright Tang Xianzu, consisting of four plays about love and society: Peony Pavilion, Purple Hairpin, Handan and Nanke. All four “dreams” are known to be among the most outstanding works of Chinese literature. After an artist talk on Four Dreams in Linchuan, Yang will transition to a performance combining projected visuals, music and her gestural acts of painting. Yang will create an illusionary atmosphere in the Segal Theatre that allows the audience to feel the experience of entering a poetic dream. Qingqing Yang’s interpretation of the subject is a dreamlike painting performance, setting the stage for a trans-medial conversation between poetry and her calligraphic painting style in the theatrical world of reverie.

About the playwright: Tang Xianzu (1550—1616) was a playwright of the Ming Dyansty who followed the concept of “turning love into dreams and turning dreams into theatre”. His drama is an exploration of contemporaneous lifestyle, following the stories of different characters, each representing diverse social situations and reflecting the profound philosophy thinking of the time. Many of Tang’s ideas were ahead of their time and relevant to today’s issues, exemplifing care for the world, questioning political power and wealth, as well as awareness for issues facing women. Through the eyeglass of ghosts, chivalrous heros, immortals and Buddha in a dream world, we can reflect on the vanity of prosperity and wealth, the ignorance in the world, and express love and desire beyond the confusion of life and death.

Start: Dec 16, 2019
End: Dec 16, 2019
Venue: Segal Theatre
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December 18

Italian Playwrights Project

Elisa Casseri, photo by Alice Cotesta.
Graziano Graziani, photo by Ilaria Scarpa

Italian Playwrights Project
Reading of Event Horizon by Elisa Casseri

Wednesday, December 18
Segal Theatre
6:30pm Readings + Artist Talk

FREE + Open to public. First come, first served

Join us for an evening celebrating the publication of the second edition of the Segal Center’s IPP Italian Playwrights Project with a reading of Event Horizon by Elisa Casseri, translated by Adriana Rossetto. The Segal Center collaborated again with Valeria Orani and Umanism NY (www. unmanism.com) to publish a volume with some of the innovative and engaging playwrights from Italy. The anthology includes Elisa Casseri’s Event Horizon (translated by Adriana Rossetto), Armando Pirozzi’s A
Notebook for Winter (translated by Adriana Rossetto), Giuliana Musso’s My Hero (translated by Patricia Gaborik), and Fabrizio Sinisi’s The Great Walk (translated by Thomas Simpson)

The reading will be followed by follow by a conversation with playwright Elisa Casseri and Italian theatre critic Graziano Graziani, jury member of Premio Riccione Per il Teatro.

The Italian Playwrights Project plays an important role in introducing contemporary writing from Italy to the US.

Other participants of IPP include Lucia Calamaro, Daria Deflorian & Antonio Tagliarini, Stefano Massini, Marco Martinelli & Ermanna Montanari, Giuliana Musso, Fausto Paravidino, Armando Pirozzi and Michele Santeramo.


Start: Dec 18, 2019
End: Dec 18, 2019
Venue: Segal Theatre
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