Visiting Scholars


Xiaopeng Teng
PhD Student
Shanghai Theater Academy, China
Research: Comparative Studies of Sino-American Tragedy Aesthetics



Diana Benea
Assistant Lecturer in the Department of English, Faculty of Foreign Languages
University of Bucharest, Romania
Research: The Politics and Aesthetics of Contemporary American Social Theater



Alba Saura Clares
PhD Student, Doctorate Program in Arts and Humanities
University of Murcia, Spain
Research: Analysis of Argentinian Theatre trough Teatro Abierto



Fernando Antonio Mencarelli
Associate Dean of Cultural Activities
Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Research: “Living Culture” and transculturality: the work of The Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards (Brazil and USA) with American and south American communities



Frederik Le Roy
Doctor-Assistant in Department of Art, Music and Theatre studies
Ghent University, Belgium
Research: Ex-posing contemporary dance and music. Time and Spectatorship in Work/Travail/Arbeid by Rosas and ICTUS



Xue Li
Ph.D. Candidate, Chinese Drama Department
Nanjing Normal University, China
Research: The Dramatic Theories and Comments of the Republic of China



Sarah Youssef
PhD Candidate, English Literature
University of Cologne, Germany
Research: The Performance of Captivity



Yanshi Li
Lecturer, Foreign Languages College, Taiyuan University of Technology, China
PhD candidate in Theater, Film and Television Studies, Shanxi Normal University, China
Research: The Reception of Beckett’s Drama in China



wujuan-li-photoWujuan Li
Lecturer, Department of Foreign Language
Dongguan University of Technology, China
Research: Establishing an unified system of an or two-year College English course for non-English majors in the form of Educational Theatre



Yanhui Liu
Associate Professor, Theatre Literature and Writing Department
Shanghai Theater Academy, China
Research: The Comparison of Dramas and Theories between China and America



Tanja Klankert_colorTanja Klankert
Doctoral Student
University of Bern, Switzerland
Research: Japanese Performing Arts in Modern Dance




yoshiji-yokoyamaYoshiji Yokoyama
Dramaturg, SPAC-Shizuoka Performing Arts Center, Japan
Part-time Lecturer, Gakushuin University (Tokyo) and Shizuoka University, Japan
Research: Contemporaneity of Asian Performing Arts and Performance Studies



JonedJoned Suryatmoko
Researcher, Media and Cultural Studies Program
The Graduate School – Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia
Research: Mediatized Theatre



Andy LavenderAndy Lavender
Head of the School of Arts; Professor of Theatre & Performance
University of Surrey, Guildford, UK
Research: The Age of Performance: Histories and Horizons



Avra SidiropoulouAvra Sidiropoulou
Assistant Professor, MA Programme in Theatre Studies
Open University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus
Research: Mapping “Crisis Theatre” on the Current American and European Stage



Ling Jian-eLing Jian-e
Associate Professor, English Department
Hunan University of Science and Technology, China
Research: Intellectual Inquiries of Contemporary American Drama



Ning ZhouNing Zhou
Lecturer, English Department, School of Foreign Studies
Anhui University of Science & Technology, China
Research: Investigations into the Ethics of Contemporary American Drama



Andrea Pelegri

Andrea Pelegrí Kristic
Ph. D Candidate in Arts (Theatre)
PonIficia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile
Research: Creative Processes with Translated Texts in Chilean Companies from Santiago De Chile


Rafael AbolafiaRafael Abolafia
Ph. D
University of Jaén, Spain
Research: Contemporary Theatre and Paratheatre in Andalucía



Han Gui (1)Han Gui
Ph. D Student
Shanghai Theater Academy, China
The Culture of Western Theatre with specialization in the History and Theory of Foreign Theatre



Photo courtesy of the artist

Kristof van Baarle
Ph. D Fellow
Ghent University, Belgium
Research: Contemporary Stage of Kris Verdonck



Tanja Klankert_colorTanja Klankert
Doctoral Student, University of Bern, Switzerland
Research: Japanese Performing Arts in Modern Dance



Mohan ZhangMohan Zhang
Professor, School of Film, Television and Media
Guangxi Arts Institute, China
Research: Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Contemporary Theatre and Culture


Former Visting Scholars

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